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Website Creation Overview

Find out what is involved in the website development process

1. Planning & Website Strategy

In the first step of creating your new website, you should find out:

  • Who is your target group?
  • What results should your website produce?
  • What are the right keywords & key phrases for your webpages?

In this step a first draft of your website's structure (a sitemap/navigation) should give an overview on what webpages you want.

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2. Website Content / Copywriting

The second step is to write the text content for each webpage.

Here it is important to find a good balance between writing for your target audience and for search engines by weaving your keywords skillfully into the web copy. These keywords are the one's, your visitors type into the search box of search engines like Google.

Your visitors want to find quickly the information they are after. And they want to be sure and convinced that by taking a certain action (like buying your product or service) they are making the right choice.

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3. Web Design / Graphic Design

In this step the web designer creates the overall look and layout of the website.

Apart from looking appealing and professional the layout and graphic design should support and emphasize the text – not disguise or overwhelm it.

The right choice of images will complement the text.

And at best the web design should leave a memorable and good impression with the viewer of your website.

In this step your website's structure is finalized.

Additionally to the website copywriting there can also be the production of short videos or audio files to present information.

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4. Website Development

The web developer writes the source code and “translates” the graphic designers layout into a website. He also should implement the keywords into the source code for search engine optimisation. To see a website's source code click on "View" in your browser and then on "Source" or "Page Source".

Another important thing to look at, is that a website can look different in different internet browsers, screen resolutions and screen sizes.

There are different and ever-changing ways to write source code. The website developer needs to keep up with this and make sure that the webcopy and the graphic design is displayed correctly:

  • in at least all the major types of Internet browsers and there different versions (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome)
  • in different screen resolutions, screen sizes and different devises (e.g. iphones, laptops, tablets, TV-screens, which can be connected to computers etc.).
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